Representative works


"Bottom Line" - 24" x 30"

About The Work


Artist Statement

The simplicity and complexity of our environment has always captivated and inspired me.  My attention to pattern and detail has influenced my art in the past and present.  Working in series, I paint in several styles and genres.  I am fascinated by seeing images in my surroundings and use that awareness to develop my paintings.  This imagery sits between abstraction and realism.

My paintings use real images as the starting point for the abstract.  I work spontaneously.  The imagery is intuitively generated.  The enjoyment of creating my own sub-straits with a variety of media allows me to develop animate and inanimate shapes.  These explorations evoke places, forms and perceptions.  In response to my work, I appeal to the viewer to make their own discoveries and revelations.



I use acrylics, water color and oil pastels and a variety of artists tools including brushes, rollers and palette knives.

About Me


Ellen Hamm - artist

Place of birth - Madison, Wisconsin 


- University of Wisconsin, Madison, fine art

- University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, 

     Bachelor degree in art education

- Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 

     Master of the Creative Arts

Teaching Experience 

- Seattle Parks and Recreation

- Seattle Public Schools

- Seattle Arch Dioceses

I've been steadily painting over 55 years (the drawing below was done at 7 yrs. of age) and now retired and have dedicated myself to making art full time.  It is my desire to share my work in a variety of venues.  Presently I have an extensive collection of recent work for showing and selling.  I am also available for art commissions.  Please contact me regarding prices, commissions and time schedule.

The drawing on the right (drawn at 7 years old) represents the beginning of my life pursuit of art.

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